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Decentralized Internet

Imagine that each of your mobile phones is a separate internet server…

Wouldn’t it be safe to share photos with a parent group at your child’s school or documents with your company’s private, and encrypted internet network of two hundred other peers?

This may be possible with Decentralized Internet.

How Do Social Rules Affect Investment Decisions?

In our article about sustainability, we mentioned a report Gartner prepared for the states’ leaders. In this report, Gartner declared the trend analysis that will affect investment decisions for the years 2019 and 2020.

Regarding the research made by Gartner’s leading analyst Rick Howard and senior managing partner Michael Kung, the present day’s CIO and CTOs accept the IT services as a part of the job and manage it as a fundamental job skill.

What is blockchain?

Everyone has got very excited about the early period promissory about the blockchain. 

It supposed to break all the blockage between the industrial participants with one step, to create an almost quarrelsome substructure against fraud, and would have significant provided add value and profit to its’ investor.  

what is the future of IT

What should I learn? What will be the future of IT professionals?

“The future is in IBM Cloud” “The future is in AWS” “All will be Kubernetes” “Everything will be Openshift” “The Network will merge with SDN” “Google is the world giant, whatever he says that happens” “The 450 out of the top 500 companies use Oracle.” “There is no bigger company than SAP in the world that developing ERP software.”
Which path is right ?

Startup strategies

The Five Strategical Advice For The New Entrepreneurs Who Established Their Start-up Companies and Small Business owners

You are an entrepreneur and you are establishing your Startup. Or in the company that you are working, it has been expected from you to set up a department and manage it.

When the enthusiasm of the first days has quiet down and you are alone with a pile of problems to be solved, if you don’t have a strategy then you cannot know where to start to solve them. 

What Is Site Reliability Engineering

Google published all experiences of its employees and what do they learn about those experiences into a book: “Site Reliability Engineering”. The book both highlights where will the system administration and software development works head to and include lots of significant information about how do they convert their experiences into the money.

what are the missing points of AIOPS

What would happen if humans couldn’t think revolutionary and try to mechanize the horses before the invention of ‘’motor vehicles ?

As essential for the century we are in, the number of programs that shapes our daily life is rising and it is not hard to predict that we will need even more.

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