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What Are Virtualization Alternatives?

The more number of data increase in your servers, the more you need to virtualize your machines to manage your systems. In this way, both the costs will reduce and the productivity will increase. After a short research period, the authorized person whoever he or she is (CIO, CTO, OR Director of IT) offers you three different VMware solutions as alternatives. Just a second, is there anything else than VMware on the market ?

what are the missing points of AIOPS

What would happen if humans couldn’t think revolutionary and try to mechanize the horses before the invention of ‘’motor vehicles ?

As essential for the century we are in, the number of programs that shapes our daily life is rising and it is not hard to predict that we will need even more.

Will AIOPS replace System Engineers?

As the amount of data processed in the systems increases, support solutions are sought with artificial intelligence-based applications.

For a quarter-century, system administration has been described as a profession that makes software work uninterrupted and productive while managing software in the correct aspect.

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