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Whatsapp or Signal, which app is safe?

Finally WhatsApp talk about their silence data collection: they told to their more than 2 billion users that they had to share their personal data with Facebook in order to continue using the app!

Some of the users are aware that this is uncanny and dangerous, while some are more confused; they are indifferent to the fact that their data was already being collected.

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Cyber Security: What Should Companies Do?

This article is the second Cyber Security article, focused on IT Management concerns.
On our first article Cyber Security: Thinking Like a Hacker, we explained the necessary five strategies to have a strict security policy.
In this article, we continue with more technical cyber security recommendations.

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Decentralized Internet

Imagine that each of your mobile phones is a separate internet server…

Wouldn’t it be safe to share photos with a parent group at your child’s school or documents with your company’s private, and encrypted internet network of two hundred other peers?

This may be possible with Decentralized Internet.

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