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Blockchain: Untold Truth

Everyone has got very excited about the early period promissory about the blockchain. 

It supposed to break all the blockage between the industrial participants with one step, to create an almost quarrelsome substructure against fraud, and would have significant provided add value and profit to its’ investor.  

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Why Opensource ? Sustainable systems

Gartner prepared a report for the world’s leaders, and they announced the five macro trends that will affect governments’ the most strategical business and technology sustainabilities in 2019 and for the first half of 2020

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What should I learn? What will be the future of IT professionals?

“The future is in IBM Cloud” “The future is in AWS” “All will be Kubernetes” “Everything will be Openshift” “The Network will merge with SDN” “Google is the world giant, whatever he says that happens” “The 450 out of the top 500 companies use Oracle.” “There is no bigger company than SAP in the world that developing ERP software.”
Which path is right ?

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