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Cyber Security: What Should Companies Do?

This article is the second Cyber Security article, focused on IT Management concerns.
On our first article Cyber Security: Thinking Like a Hacker, we explained the necessary five strategies to have a strict security policy.
In this article, we continue with more technical cyber security recommendations.

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Decentralized Internet

Imagine that each of your mobile phones is a separate internet server…

Wouldn’t it be safe to share photos with a parent group at your child’s school or documents with your company’s private, and encrypted internet network of two hundred other peers?

This may be possible with Decentralized Internet.

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Neuralink Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a very successful businessman. In particular, there are lecture-like methods that I think will be the subject of books in the future. Especially on the subjects of establishing and growing a Startup and Marketing.

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