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The Five Strategical Advice For The New Entrepreneurs Who Established Their Start-up Companies and Small Business owners

You are an entrepreneur and you are establishing your Startup. Or in the company that you are working, it has been expected from you to set up a department and manage it.

When the enthusiasm of the first days has quiet down and you are alone with a pile of problems to be solved, if you don’t have a strategy then you cannot know where to start to solve them. 

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The Book of Google Experience: Site Reliability Engineering

Google published all experiences of its employees and what do they learn about those experiences into a book: “Site Reliability Engineering”. The book both highlights where will the system administration and software development works head to and include lots of significant information about how do they convert their experiences into the money.

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Virtualization alternatives; you are not locked in to VMware

The more number of data increase in your servers, the more you need to virtualize your machines to manage your systems. In this way, both the costs will reduce and the productivity will increase. After a short research period, the authorized person whoever he or she is (CIO, CTO, OR Director of IT) offers you three different VMware solutions as alternatives. Just a second, is there anything else than VMware on the market ?

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